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tv   WNCN Today at 500AM  CBS  January 27, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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that includes orange county, durham public, chatham county, vance county schools. also grandville and franklin county schools all operating on a two-hour delay. person county schools will be operating on a one-hour delay today. >> wake county students will go back to school at normal time today, some parents complained yesterday's delays put their children at risk with some roads still seeing snow and ice but the district says they were safe. all right, with all that being said, let's head over straight to meteorologist afls alyssa corfont with a look. >> good morning to you and good morning to you at home. very different from yesterday sunshine today, the clouds move in and moving in to orange and person county, eventually in to the triangle this morning but right now, wake county is on the dry side. we dropped a whole degree, 49 in raleigh, 48 durham, mid 40s in henderson and south hill. there is one or two areas in the
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then we have 40s, excuse me, around fayetteville. 45 in lillington. so let's get to your forecast. temperatures this morning will continue to drop until about 8:00 a.m. and that's where i'm expecting to be right around 46 degrees. showers possible this morning, 47 at lunch time still a few sprinkles and then i think we'll be drier this afternoon. afternoon high of only 48 yesterday. we hit 61, that's going to be a big drop. but don't you worry, i think the 60s will be back just in time for the weekend ahead. of course i'll have the forecast for you in just a bit. but let's check in with traffic if you're getting ready for your morning commute on this wednesday. i-440 in glenwood avenue, just a few cars on either direction, the good news, no slowdowns to report. as far as your live drive condition, if you're south of the city we are seeing slow and go from time to time. keep in mind they're doing construction south of the city. 52 miles per hour if you're moving on i-40 westbound. if you're cruising eastbound, 52 miles per hour, slow and go
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up to date on traffic through the next 10 minutes. days after the area's first major snowstorm of the year, schools are still operating on a two hour delay. >> and that includes durham county schools. they still were going to clear up the ice and snow from the back roads. emma wright joins us live from the mobile news tracker with an update on the conditions, emma? >> reporter: well, we were just in durham last half hour. then we decided to make our way over here to chapel hill. in durham we were seeing snow in the middle of the road, chapel hill from what we've seen so far, orange county, things are looking a little bit better. we do see snow there along the sides of one of these secondary roads. but we're not seeing the slush and the a little bit of ice that we were seeing in the middle of some secondary roads in durham. we're going to show you some video of what some of those secondary roads looked like earlier in the week. there was thick patches of ice, a lot of that snow had been compacted down and then thawed and melted and thawed and melted
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and really become some thick patches of ice. luckily, the warm weather that alyssa has been talking about seems to have melted most of that so when you're headed out and about this morning after that two-hour delay, you want to keep that in mind. we want to see what your neighborhood looks like, so if your road is looking slick, tweet me the street name and we'll go and check it out. reporting live in orange county, i'm emma wright, back to you. >> all right, emma, thanks for checking those conditions out. well, a fayetteville man will head to court next month after beginning, after being woman twice. 23-year-old davante williams charged with rape and kidnapping a woman. he assaulted a woman in her home twice earlier this month. >> what did he say to her? >> he was trying to get her to drop the charges and assaulted her and threatened her and then she was able to kind of talk her way out of it to make him leave the area. and that's when the police were already on their way.
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know williams. williams is behind bars with more than $1 million bond. the family of a man found dead inside of his jail cell at demanding answers. matt mccain's body found determined. his family spoke only to wncn saying jail staff ignored his pleas for help. relatives saying he suffered from epilepsy and diabetes and was never given proper amounts of medication. >> if he would've had his medicine and stuff like that, he would still be here today. >> mccain is one of 11 inmates to die at the jail since 2000. sheriff mike andrews announced ongoing state and local investigations going on right now. county health department also looking in to the care he received. the board of governors meeting got quite the surprise as protesters crashed the meeting there yesterday. take a look. [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah, things got crazy some
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removed by unc police. four people ultimately arrested, upset about the hiring of spelling, she's a former u.s. education secretary under president george w. bush. she has been criticized for helping oversee no child left behind and for serving on the board of a business that collects student loan debt. wncn talked to one of the people who got arrested. >> officers began to act very aggressive, they grabbed one of the protesters that was in the meeting, we tried to step in to intervene, the hearing loss -- hostility. >> the behavior, the response of the officers was completely dictated by the behavior of the protesters. >> those arrested were charges with resisting officer. spellings is set to take over the system as president on march is -- 1. and if you're just waking up, time right now 5:06. heroin use has become a widespread problem in this country.
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together to address the issue. and if you filed your taxes or you're planning to, listen up. these thieves are already looking for ways to cash in this tax season. we'll tell you how you can protect yourself, alyssa? well, temperatures not as cold as the past few mornings,
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i'll let you know when rain can >> and now, your wncn weather forecast. >> welcome back to "wncn today", i'm wncn meteorologist alyssa corfont, looking for cloudy skies, 49 degrees, we're expecting milder. temperatures 49, very mild. especially looking back the past few mornings when we've been below freezing. this morning, cloudy skies and the chance for rain will greet you as you wake up. here's our satellite radar composite. looking at those cloudy conditions all around central north carolina. the good news is not a lot of you dealing with rain right now. the bad news that rain will be moving through throughout your morning commute. roxboro dealing with light rain ex tepding in to -- ex tepding in to -- extending in to northern portions, the greensboro area and through our way. 48 in durham, the upper 30s in sanford but neighboring
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43 raeford and lillington, 40s. we drop to 46 by 7:00. we continue to drop to near 45 by 8:00. mild temperatures, showers possible and cloudy skies. keep that umbrella nearby today. i'll let you know when the rain moves out coming up in your complete forecast, stefan? if you love having a great neighbor, you'll appreciate this. one man in nebraska has found a resourceful way to help out his community. despite having to use a wheelchair, justin anderson made modifications to his wheelchair. the iraq veteran added a snow plow and began clearing snow for the neighbors. >> the community as supported me mentally through some of my trugle and tough -- struggles and tough times with having my leg amputated and also with my fight with brain cancer. so, this is kind of, this is my way of giving back. >> oh, what a good dude there. now, the independence fund
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he can get -- justin so he can get around easier, he's thinking of other modifications and planning on helping with all that snow. cool stuff. after the break, florida's issued a recall for millions of its -- ford's issued a recall for millions of its pick up trucks, what to know. a man's in florida jail after trying to smuggle animals in to the country. what animals he was trying to bring in and the bizarre ways he
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"wncn today" what you need to know right now. >> 5:14 on your wednesday. and this morning's top stories. the leaders of an armed group that occupied a wildlife refuge in oregon for the past few weeks now under arrest. arresting military leader bundy killed. searching for two people in connection with a shooting at a homeless camp, at least twoed and three other -- two died and three others hurt. police call it very targeted. the affluenza teen could be here as early as this week, ethan couch dropped his bid to stay in mexico where he was captured last month. couch and his mom had been on the run for weeks after video surfaced of him at a party where there was alcohol, violating his probation. he was driving drunk when he
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later today, the senate judiciary committee holding a hearing on the heroin abuse epidemic, taken a hold of many communities in the country, including here in north carolina. the cdc reporting earlier this month the rate of deaths by drug overdose involving opioid pain relievers and heroin increased 200% between to you and 2014. hoping the hearing will lead from action by congress. the flint water crisis continues to be a nightmare for residents and state officials in michigan. yesterday healthcare workers made hundreds of checks on children. it could be crippling to the mental health of young children, a state of emergency was declared, millions of water bottles have been sent there. campus essentially closed off tore nearly -- for nearly six hours after an employee reported hearing gunshots at a building around 8:00 in the morning.
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and found no signs ave shooting -- signs ave shooting or gunman, it houses a gym and dorm for combat veterans. a recruiter in the chattanooga massacre was awarded the purple heart yesterday. sergeant chile hurt his leg. four marines and say sailor were killed in that attack. the gunman was killed by police. the five service members killed in the attacks will be posthumously awarded the purple heart during ceremonies requested by their families. and a little bit of sad news, actor abe bagoda has passed away it at the age of 94 at his daughter's home in new jersey. his claims to fame include playing both the cop and a criminal. his roles of sal in the godfather and barney miller. the actor's family said he died of old age.
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a massive recall for ford involving the takata airbags, 395,000 ranger pick up truck models. 2004 through 2006, the airbag defect is being blame ford at least 10 daeths so far and -- deaths so far and more than 100 injuries, 24 million vehicles. tax season is about a week old, that means more scammers are out to get your refund cash. in many cases, all a thief needs is your name, social security number and birth date to pretend to be you when they're filing. experts say most people have no clue that their refund has been stolen until they file their own return. if you do get scammed, you'll eventually get your money back, but it could take anywhere from three months to a year. make sure you're using a qualified tax prairper who -- preparer who will protect your personal information. >> great idea. strange story of the morning, u.s. customs arrested a man they say stride smug -- tried smuggling live birds inside of his pants, from cuba
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customs and border patrol agents took him in to custody at miami airport. the passenger was concealing six exotic birds in a fanny pay and three more -- fanny pack and three more in his groin area. the miami quarantine station. i got to say, the feathers in the groin area, that would be really ticklish! i would think! [ laughter ] >> that a bird in your pants or -- hmm. this story could go so many wrong directions. >> you just can't make that stuff up! [ laughter ] >> miami, it doesn't surprise me. all right. let's talk weather. we've got, nice day yesterday. [ laughter ] >> yeah, thankfully, we got a nice day yesterday, we are not having a nice day our way today. 49 degrees right now, proud and -- pretty cloudy and that's what's kept us out, live picture at the airport, no rainfall just yet but that rain will start to move through later this morning. let's check in with our satellite radar composite.
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past two hours or so. you'll see that rain has been moving in to the area, but that line of showers really fizzling out. so some of you will get through your morning commute, completely on the dry side. completely on the cloudy side for the majority of us. the only rain that's now falling is extreme western portions of chatham county, then also up towards person county, orange county as well. roxboro, you're seeing that steady rain move through but it's very light in comparison to what we've seen throughout some morning drives. now let's go ahead and talk about our hourly forecast. 45 at 8:00 a.m., 46 at 10:00 a.m., best chance for rain actually throughout at this time morning. 47 at noon, our high today 48. and that will be right around 2:00. we're going to start to cool things off a little earlier today. you'll notice, i'm expecting that evening drive home to pretty much be on the dry side. 46 at 4:00, 40 for you by 6:00 p.m. this evening. let's get to your futurecast. again, scattered showers out there throughout the morning, lunch time still a few glirning
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the drive home maybe a peek of sun, the clouds will be the dominant feature of our forecast today. most of us will stay dry, through the sunrise tomorrow. the best chance of rain if we're going to see it on thursday, through the afternoon. flip-flop of what we see today, especially developing through the coast. the triangle area or the east, the best chance for rain develop in our area as well. let's talk temperatures. 46 right now in siler city, 48 durham. the upper 40s in raleigh while henderson is at 47. clayton, good morning. you're at 41. so our high, looking very similar to where we are right now, those temperatures aren't going to move a lot today, 48 raleigh, 47 durham, 51 fayetteville. overnight tonight, the rain moves out, colder temperatures move in. 33 degrees our overnight low, not expecting really any icy conditions though tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon 48, a few isolated showers, then the 50s are back on friday, if that's
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this weekend ahead. 57 on saturday t 60s on sunday, the 60s likely going to stick around for early next week. the next chance for rain could sneak in to the area for monday. it is 5:21 right now on this wednesday morning, let's go ahead and get to your traffic conditions. this is i-40 rock quarry road, a few cars out in this condition, no trouble spots to report. yesterday we were reporting on a water main break in wake forest, it has reruptured, capital boulevard and tyler, there's a flagger there. the traffic on durham road is rediced to one lane -- reduced to one lane. avoid it all together, stadium is an alternate or 90. avoid this area and wake forest, another outer main break this morning. mike and stefan? >> thanks, a lot, alyssa. how precious this guy, not a dog, not a cat, this is our
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and we promise you, he's a good guy too. oreo. [ laughter ] the rabbit lives in timberlake with angel and jackie. clearly, he's a huge carolina panthers fan. >> i was doing research and black panthers they do eat rabbits, so perhaps he has that on to thwart, i'm just going to move on, because, all right, i'm stretching. >> you lost me. >> yeah, that's not thecase, that's the -- the case, that's a cute rabbit, no matter what you have, you can send it in, e-mail their picture at, include their name, how old they are, your name and where you live. all right, coming up, speaking of the panthers, we are counting the days down until super bowl l coming up, new details on how the panthers will look on sunday. plus a touching story of a veteran and his long lost pet. in our next half hour, we'll
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as fast as two and a half days when used at the first sign. learn how abreva starts to work immediately at don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. with abreva. >> back in black, that's what the carolina panthers will be wearing. >> that's their color choice, the broncos are the designated home team, they chose the white unis.
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at home, maybe third time the charm, 1-1 in the super bowl. super bowl may be the last we see of peyton manning at the field, they captured his comments to patriots head coach belichick. it sounds like he said hey, listen, this might be my last rodeo, it's been a pleasure. the future hall-of-famer has been riddled with injuries in recent years but playing well as of late. the nfl going more high tech for this year's big game. >> you can even win tickets to the official super bowl mobile app. the road to l app comes with a complete guide, by downloading it get a full schedule of the events in the bay area, san francisco experience, fans and everyone attending. you can also use it to download your super bowl tickets. whou! by the -- whoa! by the way, tickets for the game start at $4,000 on stub hub. they don't come cheap. >> yeah, maybe we can get tickets. here's whauz what's -- what's coming up up in our next half hour. >> several schools operating on two-hour delays, because of ice
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i'm wncn's emma wright, we'll show you what some of the roads look like. give it to me i'm worth it baby i'm worth it uh huh i'm worth it gimme gimme i'm worth it give it to me i'm worth it
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at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2!
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remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone. >> on air, online, wherever you are, "wncn today" starts right now. >> two people are dead and three others injured after a shooting at a homeless camp in washington state. >> not in my backyard, that's the message from some people in johnston county, the fight of where to put a proposed csx railway heats up. schools in the area operating on a delay, taking a look at the list, thankfully it's shortening up. >> yeah, that's good news. good morning thanks for watching "wncn today" with us, i'm mike gonzalez. >> i'm stefan chase, let's talk about the schools, back to school following the tornl. >> yeah -- storm. >> yeah, some delayed. granville and franklin county on
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